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The house has two rooms available which bear the names of interlaced designs (entrelacs).

La Touline 

A Touline is a rope that ends in a ball-shaped knot of interlaced cords, sometimes known in French as a Touline apple. This rope is used by sailors to moor their boats.
With the key to the Touline room you will also be able moor up and take time to relax in our harbour!

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La Baderne 

A Baderne is a series of interlacing threads typically used to make the doormat that lies at the entrance to the sea captain’s chamber.
The key under the baderne will be the start of your journey...on our own shores.

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The rooms, which have all modern conveniences, are situated on the ground floor and have their own entrance separate from the main house. Both rooms have a flat-screen television, an internet connection, and a private bathroom with shower and hair-dryer.

A garden and parking spaces are available for your use.